The Wrestler, September 1961

The Wrestler, September 1961 Cover

Including articles on Ernie Baldwin, Buddy Rogers, Gordon Nelson, Gerry De Jager, Billy Two Rivers, Ian Campbell, Luther Lindsay, Sandy Mckay Scott, Dino Bravo, Domenic Bravo, The Bravo Brothers, Gwynn Davies, Georges Gordienko, Baron Von Heczey, Arjit Singh, Billy Joyce, Ray Apollon, Billy Robinson, Geoff Portz, Joe Cornelius and Tibor Szakacs.

Cover picture: "Our cameraman catches Alan Dennison, Yorkshire's ph ysical culturist from Denholme, as he sails through the a ir. He is gripping the ankle of Alan Colbeck (Wakefield) , holder of the European welterweight title"

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