The Wrestler, November 1961

The Wrestler, November 1961 Cover

Including articles on Frankie Townsend, Geoff Portz, Ernie Riley, Bert Assirati, "Haystacks" Calhoun, Rene Ben Chemoul, Seamus Donlevy, Lou Thesz, Great Togo, Joe Cornelius, Ivan Josef Zaranoff, Gil Voiney, Peruano, Mick McManus, Dick Hutton, Verne Gagne, Freddie Blassie, Julien Morice, Tony Charles, Bill Verna, Tony Mancelli and Dino Bravo.

Cover picture: "Coloured American heavy weight giant, Ricky Waldo, made his British debut at Leeds against Mike Marino who is seen on the receiving end of a hammer lock and bar"

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