The Wrestler, January 1962

The Wrestler, January 1962 Cover

Including articles on Johnny Yearsley, Seamus Donlevy, Alan Colbeck, Ernest Baldwin, Harry Fields, George Kidd, Tommy Mann, Jack Dempsey, the Great Togo, Billy Robinson, Billy Joyce, Spencer Churchill, John Lees, Geoff Portz, Ian Campbell, Clay Thomson, Chic Purvey, Ted Hannon, the Mighty Jumbo, Karl Pojello, Maurice Tillett, the Fabulous Fargoes, Ray Leslie, Bob Sweeney, John Ure, Eric Taylor, Johnny Czeslaw, Len Wilding, Charlie Fisher, Emil Poilve, Joe Cornelius, Billy Joyce, Eric Taylor, Tommy Mann, Melwyn Riss, Norman Walsh, Adrian Street, Danno O'Mahony, Tibor Szakacs, Mathieu Rosges, Johnny Kwango, Vic Faulkner, Vick Hesselle and Bert Royal.

Cover picture: "Strongboy Johnny Yearsley, the mighty Welsh heavyweight challenger, clamps a vicious Japanese armlock on his opponent, Seamus Donlevy, of Castlebar, County Mayo"

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